(v) vegetarian (vg)vegan (GF) Gluten free (D) dairyfree
Gluten free bread available

Basiled cherry tomatoes
with feta avocado & a poached egg on sourdough (v) 14.90

Marinated mushrooms & halloumi
pumpkin hummus & a poached egg on sourdough (v) 14.90

Avocado smash 
with a chard corn salsa on sourdough & a poached egg (v df) 15.90
Sweet potato zucchini & corn fritters with avocado halloumi & a poached egg (gf v) 15.90

Vegan breakfast burger
tofu scrambled spinach tomato vegan mayo avocado hash brown (vg df) 13.90

Grilled banana maple pancake stack with fresh strawberries & ice cream (v) 15.90
Mango & roasted baffle
honey macadamia waffles with maple & ice cream (v) 15.90

Vegan big breakfast
tofu scramble avocado hash brown mushrooms tomato spinach & baked bean (vg df) 17.90


Fresh fruit salad with greek or coconut yoghurt 7.50

Chocolate chia seed bowl topped with a berry compote coconut and local honey (df gf v) 13.90

Our own paleo granola with seasonal fruits & your choice of greek or coconut yoghurt (gf v) 13.90

Buddha vegan breakfast bowl
mushrooms spinach quinoa broccoli avocado with a pumpkin hummus (gf df vg) 14.90

Keto breakfast bowl
broccoli kale peas sweet potato bacon halloumi avocado topped with a poached egg (GF)  16.90


(v) vegetarian (vg)vegan (GF) Gluten free (D) dairyfree
Gluten free bread available

Eggs your way
2 free ranged eggs, your choice of poached fried scrambled on your choice of toast (add your extras from our extras) 10.50

Eggs Benedict
free range eggs with spinach & our own hollandaise sauce on sour dough your choice of bacon ham salmon tomato & mushroom 15.90
Breakfast wrap
scrambled eggs bacon spinach aioli relish 9.50

Chilli scrambled eggs
with chorizo on sour dough 15.90

Salmon basil and feta scrambled eggs on sour dough 15.50

Breakfast bruschetta
with relish spinach tomato salsa bacon toped with a fried egg & hollandaise 13.90
Breakfast burger
free range egg bacon hash brown spinach tomato aioli & relish on a floured bun 13.90

Breakfast bao
scrambled eggs crispy bacon spinach aioli & relish 14.90

Junction big breakfast
eggs your way bacon sausage hash browns mushrooms tomatoes & baked beans on sour dough 19.90


free range egg
sausage (gf)
chorizo (gf)
hash browns (gf
baked beans


Please see our cabinet for daily breads served toasted with butter 5.50

Toast with condiments  your choice of thick white multigrain dark rye gluten free or 
keto high protein 6.50

Our own fruit & nut toast (2)  7.50
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